Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a Crazy November!

Usually November is one of my favorite months of the year. Its when the weather is nice and the leaves are beautiful, Volleyball is coming into some final intense games, and its my birthday month! This year November started out with tearing my ACL for the second time in a match against Utah Valley. I was really sad and what made it worse was that Brad was off in Hawaii playing football. His parents and my friends took good care of me and my mom was able to come up and help when I had my surgery the next weekend. I wasn't able to make it to Brad's game that weekend but they pulled out another close win against San Jose.

The rest of the month has consisted of working to get off crutches and the Aggies going 4-0! I flew home the week of Thanksgiving for the WAC volleyball tournament and drove back up to Utah with my family to meet Brad for Thanksgiving. We had a good Thanksgiving down in Springville with my grandparents and family. Saturday my Dad and sisters drove up to Logan to see the final home game. It was a great game that finished with a win and bowl eligibility!  That's right, were going bowling! :) The Famous Potato Bowl in Boise Idaho, on December 17th.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun Family Weekend

I had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time because my family was coming to visit and watch some volleyball games. My mom, Trent, and Ashley all drove up Thursday morning and we were able to catch up and have fun. Thursday night we played New Mexico and ended up winning an exciting 5 set match. It was a good win. Reese and Megan drove up as well as my grandparents. With Brad and his mom and grandparents I had a big cheering section, which made the night really fun...I love all of my family so much! After the game we all went and celebrating cleaning the sink at Angie's.

 Friday Trent went and toured campus with my mom. He had appointments with a couple people and then that night he stayed with Brad and I at our apartment while my mom and Ashley went back down to Provo for the night. Part of the goal this weekend was to convince Trent that he needs to come to Utah State next year so we had some fun stuff planned and I think he had a good time. We went to the Basketball game and had people over after. It was fun to have people over in our new apartment and Brad made is family famous Owl Cookies for everyone to try. Trent had fun meeting and hanging out with some of the freshmen on my team :)...

 Saturday Night we played Luisiana Tech and won in 3 sets. It was fun to have my family there again and I was sad to see them leave.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Game Day

This week Volleyball only had one game against University of Idaho on Friday. I was excited to find out we would be back in time so I could go to Brads game against Wyoming. It was a perfect night for a football game and a good win. It got cold at the end but nothing a little hot chocolate and cookies can't fix :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 I am now officially a blogger! Not sure how it all works yet and I'm not promising to update this often, but it looked like fun. So for the first blog I thought I would give an update on our lives the last couple months.

Were Married!!
It really was the happiest day of my life. After all the stress and planning the day went by perfect. It was special for me to be sealed in the Las Vegas temple with all the people I love there to support us. The only person missing was Brads younger brother Jared, who is serving his mission in Brazil right now. I love my family and I love my new family! It really is funny the way life turns out. A year ago I was passing by Brad in the weight room and wishing that he would ask me out.... now were married :)

Summer Time
I am glad we decided to get married when we did so that we could have the summer to have fun together before life got crazy. We went on our honeymoon to San Diego. Neither one of us had gone before so it was a fun adventure. We visited the temple, went to a Padres game, went to the Mormon Battalion, rode bikes on Coronado, and ate a lot of good food :) Around the 4th we traveled to Idaho and Wyoming to do some fireworks shows. That was an adventure. In Idaho I was almost lifted away in a porter potty at one of the sites (dont worry I jumped out just in time). It was fun to spend time with family and to travel back to Vegas in August for Reese and Megan's wedding. It was a new experience to spend the summer in Logan. It really is a beautiful place to live.

We get tired and stressed, but we are so lucky to be doing what we love. Everyday brings something new. So far the Football team is looking good and we are excited for Brad earning his scholarship. Volleyball has been up and down, but we ended in a good win against Cal State Fullerton this weekend and hopefully we do well as we start conference play this week. I am excited for the homecoming game this weekend. Volleyball plays at 2 and then football at 6. Go Aggies!!