Saturday, November 3, 2018

Halloween 2018

I've probably said it before, but I'm just not a huge Halloween fan. I don't get way into it. Yet, something about having kids makes days like Halloween so much more fun! Jaxon decided a while ago he wanted to be a pirate. I was thinking about making Sara Tinkerbell and then I was like why does she have to be a fairy? She can be a pirate too! lol So we looked up pictures and I was pretty sure I could piece together a costume through DI and a little sewing. I asked Teresa if she could help me with a vest for Jaxon and she insisted we buy a pattern and just make the whole costume, so that's what we did. I've never sewn from a pattern but it was a good learning experience and they turned out so cute! Jaxon loved his costume and couldn't wait to wear it every chance he got!

We had a halloween dinner on Monday night. Dinner in a pumpkin and halloween cake. Next year I might try to do more with it... Jaxon was so into it all afternoon. He helped me decorate and cook and get everything ready. We invited Brad's parents over and had a fun family night.

The kids visited their great grandparents in their costumes, wore them to the ward carnival, halloween library time, school party, and for downtown trick or treating. They even wore them to Megans match at Weber the night before Halloween. I realized on Halloween I had extra fabric and made myself a sash to match them for downtown trick or treating. Jaxon was so funny and excited when I picked him up from preschool looking like a pirate.

We had spooky ghost pancakes for breakfast and dyed Jaxons hair black. His friend Owen came with us downtown for the trick or treating bc his mom was helping with his sisters class party. I had promised Jaxon I would make a ship out of the wagon a few weeks back and then the night before halloween was regretting that promise. It actually wasn't very hard..a trip to the Walmart recycling, some duck tape, and spray paint and we were set.

I love this picture!! It perfectly describes how Jaxon felt the whole day about everything Halloween!

We went to our ward trunk or treat that night and then around our street. It got really cold at night and the kids were in their winter coats visiting houses. In TX, they would be sweating out of their costumes so it is a funny change to be wearing winter coats this year.

In all the pictures I took, the pirate faces Jaxon would make always made us laugh. He is such a fun age. He loves to help in whatever is going on and is so into make believe. He is at a fun age and I love watching his excitement on days like Halloween. Sara wasn't a huge fan of the costume until she realized every time we put it on she got candy lol. She was so shocked and excited every time it happened and would try to eat it right then. Love these two cute pirates!


 USU Homecoming weekend. We went to the parade, which was way longer and busier than we thought it would be. Then we left Sara with a babysitter and took Jaxon to the game. It was not supposed to be that cold but ended up hailing and raining for a minute and I was frozen for hours after. Jaxon was plenty warm and happy with all his candy from the parade.

 - The kids and I did a few Canyon walks. Jaxon had fun collecting leaves and trying to find all the colors he could. Sara never falls asleep in her stroller so I had to document those cheeks.
- Alumni Day at Utah State. Got to see a few of my old teammates and enjoy a meal together. A fun perk of being back in Utah.
- Lots of hours spent putting in our sprinkling system. It rained and was cold the whole week we were doing this, but I'm proud of us for getting it done. We saved a lot of money and I'm so excited to have a yard next year!
- After the football game I went and bought us all some decent winter coats, and this is Sara trying hers on lol so cute!
-Helping grandpa with dishes on Sunday. They both helped until the very end and loved it lol.
- Drove to Idaho State in Pocatello one Tuesday night to watch Megan play. They beat them in 5 and it was an awesome and intense match to watch! She played amazing and it wasn't too bad of a drive. Our kids are good little travelers and spectators this Fall.
On Wednesdays I usually stay home all day and get laundry done and things around the house, but we always end up needing to get out so we go on a walk to the park or mailbox or something. This was in the green area around the corner from our house waiting for Dad to get home. They were playing so well and being so cute together. Sara's shoe fell off and Jaxon was trying to help her put it back on. As he was working on her shoe she pulled off the other one and it made me laugh even though he didn't notice. He has been an especially sweet older brother lately and really looks out for Sara. She adores him and it's such a happy thing as a mother to see their love for each other grow.
 I got to teach my first two cake classes. Matt's mom, Shelly, asked me to come and do a little class for the YW in her ward and it was so much fun! I also taught a class during a craft night for our relief society and even though I was a little nervous they both went well. I talked about how when I went to my first enrichment night as a newlywed I came home and told Brad that I was sorry to disappoint him but the only skill I had was playing volleyball lol. I really felt that way though and I am thankful for a husband who has helped and encouraged me to learn new skills and hobbies..but most of all my point was that if I can figure it out anyone can!

Another attempt at pictures for Grandma to put up in her house..pretty cute kids if I do say so myself.
Took the kids by myself to the pumpkin walk one day and then met Brad at the office for lunch. Jaxon loved it and Sara just followed him around wherever he wanted to go. It is a really cute event and were excited to make it a tradition each year.

 Megan and Heather were home the same week so I went to the Thursday match at Weber while my family went to The BYU match in Provo. Shay was nice enough to tag along with me, but sadly they lost in three. Megan was pretty bummed after the match, so we took her out for a burger and laughed about random stuff. Sure love this sweet sister.

 On Saturday while my family was watching the Weber game we drove to Provo to watch Heather play. Did not think my children would be wearing BYU gear, but we have loved cheering for Heather and her team! Still number 1 in the nation and Heather is killing it. Sara was so excited to meet cosmo after the match and then she wouldn't get any closer for a picture...every time I look at the picture it cracks me up.

 - Making cookies for friends and family we needed to drop off stuff we borrowed to.
- Story time pictures. We've been going to the North Logan library time and they both love of our favorite Tuesday activities.
- Jaxon riding his scooter around the park in our neighborhood. I still can't get over how pretty of a neighborhood we live in! We are so lucky to have this all so close.
- Dr. Brad fixed up a tooth in my mouth and gave me a crown. The view from his operatories right now is really pretty!

 - Dropped Jaxon off at school and did a few runs with Sara in the jogger. She was looking so cute this day and she is funny to watch play by herself when she is so used to having her brother around all the time.

 Shay and I signed up for this half in July. I thought I'd train after the marathon and kill my PR, but I honestly only ran about 4 times since the marathon in September and only one long run to 8 miles. Luckily I was still in decent enough shape that I finished with a PR of 1:57:39. my Garmin half PR is 1:45, but as far as races go this was my fastest and I was happy with it. Shay just had a baby 6 months ago and she was a rockstar. It was early and cold but surprisingly one of the prettiest race courses I've been on.

 I got home showered, and ate, and we headed off to the Football game. It was perfect weather for a Football game and another kill for the Aggies! Always fun at the football games with Grandma and Grandpa. They spoil our kids and buy us treats. I'm really glad we were able to get season tickets this year, because it has been a really fun thing to look forward to with our family.