Friday, October 19, 2018


So I usually do these monthly posts by going through my phone and uploading fun pictures from that month, and this month I had so many! Between the marathon, brads bday, our trip to Vegas, lots of college volleyball, and just the everyday fun we have had a really busy and good month! 

Memorial Day weekend we drove to Bountiful area for a surprise party for Matt. I made the cake and attempted sugar cookies. We finished driving that night to Utah County and stayed with my parents so we could go and watch Heather play at BYU the next day. It still amazes me how good Heather is. I had a moment this month when we were at home watching them play USC on tv and I looked at Brad and was like " I just realized Heather is way better than I was" and he just started to laugh and was like "you just figured that out huh?" lol its all good though because she really is out of this world and its been so fun to see BYU do so well and especially see Heather in her element so happy! Trent and Rach came up from Vegas so it was fun to see them too.

We drove back to Logan on Sunday and on actual memorial day I ran a 10k with Erika in Wellsville. It was surprisingly a little cold, but it was a fun run and I loved seeing Brad and the kids + his parents at the end. After the run we went out to breakfast at Stacked downtown and spent the day working in our yard. That night we went out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa Theurer. The next day was Grandpa Theurer's 90th birthday and we had fun eating a cake I made and celebrating with them.

 - Jaxon started preschool this month at sports academy and is loving it! He requested green eggs and ham for his first day of school breakfast and Sara and I both shed a few tears as he jumped out of the car and ran into class. 
- We drove down to Ogden one day to visit Megan for lunch and to do some shopping at Target (I miss that place). 
- Teresa got Sara a onesie that says "I'm a bear in the morning" and it couldn't be more true. she wakes up grumpy almost everyday and then is so happy the rest of the day..anyway the picture of her crying right after she wakes up and we're trying to cuddle makes us laugh. She's a tad bit dramatic.

- Lots of cakes this month..loved how the flamingo one turned out for a birthday girl in our ward. 
- When Brad and I go up to bed we always go in their rooms and look at them sleeping/check on them. Jaxon is always cuddled up with his bear, lizard and paw patrol blanket. sweet little boy.
- Went to an Aggie soccer game and a few football games.
- Watched Jaxon improve and finish out his soccer season.

After my marathon we hurried down to watch Heather and Megan play each other at Weber. It was actually a really good match. They both played well, and it was fun to be there with so much family. I'm so proud of both of them. They are so supportive and loving of one another and its fun to watch as the older sister. Also, Jaxon loved signing autographs with Megan after.

 Lastly some pictures of my kids I attempted one day. It used to be so much easier with Jaxon but lately its just not that much fun to try and take their pictures. I like having nicer updated ones though so we'll try again...also the crying ones are kind of funny later.

 Lastly, September has been a busy month with yard work. Our yard has been a constant job since we've been here. Brad has spent hours and hours digging. HIs parents and I have both helped a lot but we finally hired out for a building the retaining wall and doing some grading and it is so nice to see real progress and know it is going to be an awesome yard to play in next year!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Brad Turns 30!

Brad has always been hard for birthdays or holidays. He honestly doesn't want too much attention or big surprises or gifts, so I always end up thinking about it for a long time and making some sort of compromise between what he would want and what I want to do for him. 

I have always seen these picture walls on pinterest and decided to try it out for his birthday. I had so much fun going through lots of old pictures with the kids while he was at work. I honestly didn't know what he would say when he saw it, but he surprisingly liked it. We had fun for the week talking about different memories and everyone that came to celebrate over the weekend loved finding themselves or remembering him at different times in his life. I looked through all the pictures and felt appreciation and love for the person he is. We all have so many different paths that lead us to where we are and this life we share together is special. I'm grateful for all the friends, family, and experiences he's had through his life to make him into the husband and father he is.

 So there are a few favorites. lol, Aren't old pictures the best? On Sunday night we had a party for close friends and family. We didn't expect everyone to be able to come, but everyone we invited came. Matt and Leah drove up from Utah county and so did my parents and sisters. The Trejo's even drove up from SLC and it definitely made us feel loved. Brad's not the kind of person to have tons and tons of friends, but the friends he does have are loyal friends and good people that he would do a lot for. We also had both his grandparents, his parents, and both his uncles families that live in the valley. I ordered the cutest custom sugar cookies from his friend Katie, and made his favorite two cakes to share.

 Monday was his actual birthday and I surprised him that morning with tickets to Jim Gaffigan in a few months. We also dropped off some donuts at the office for staff and any patients that came that day.
I aksed Brad if he wanted me to get a sitter so we could go out, but he said he wanted the kids to come and we could just have a picnic at the park so thats what we did. We picked Brad up from work, went and got Royal Express (still his favorite..wish I could use the eye roll emoji) and drove up the canyon for a picnic. It was the perfect quiet night and we all enjoyed seeing the fall colors and eating our chinese food.

 I love my human so much! That's not to say he is perfect, because like any marriage we have our share of disagreements and sometimes his strong opinionated personality can drive me crazy. Overall though its also the reason I love him. He's one of a kind and I know I can count on him to be there to support me and our kids no matter what. Happy 30th Birthday BRAD! We sure are lucky your ours!