Friday, August 17, 2018

Seguin Trip

Scott and Teresa go to TX fairly often. In July the Burns have always been in a musical camp (camp broadway) and then perform the musical at the end of those two weeks. Scott and Teresa were going and wanted to take Jaxon and I decided to join with Sara, for the fun. I always feel bad leaving Brad. I know he's fine I just miss him and wish he could come with us, but someone had to stay and work at the office.
Sara is a terrible age for flying but we survived... lol. Thats pretty much all I can say...and thank goodness for grandparents that were there to help. We swam, we played, we ate great food, and we enjoyed all the cousin fun. Their show was super cute and Jaxon and Sara were great and just sat happily through it watching their cousins perform. On Saturday night as I was putting Jaxon down he said "Mom, I just miss Dad." I said "Me too, but guess what we get to fly home and see him tomorrow." To which he replied: "Let's just tell Dad to come meet us here, I like it here." lol He loves his cousins house and always has the best time. I love all those sweet nieces and nephews too and was glad I could go see them perform. TX seems so far, but its nice to know it really is only a flight away.


July was filled with family and old friends we love! The last week Jared and Kierra were here the four of us went on a date while Scott and Teresa watched the kids. They took us to Tandoori Oven, an Indian restaurant they loved in Logan. Brad and I hadn't ever eaten there, but it quickly became a favorite for us too! I kind of wish Jared and Kierra still lived here. It was fun to have at least one sibling couple to hang out with and relate to, but I'm happy for them to be finishing up school and living in Oklahoma. We sure love when they come to visit!

July started the beginning of my really long Saturday runs, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought. I'm finally figuring out how to eat while I run and plan out strategical porter potties along the way lol. Visiting Uncle Wade's farm has been a favorite activity this summer. We love having them so close in Smithfield, and since we don't have a yard yet, it's nice to go and run around in the grass and play with the kids ;) Wade and Dianna are so nice to us, we feel so lucky to have the so close!

 Raegan Hyde had me make a cake for Wes and his mom's birthday. It was fun to have them stop by and play for a little bit. We've been hanging out with them since we were dating, and it's crazy now to see our two big boys born 2 days apart and how much our lives have grown since then.
 The McLemore's were in Island Park, ID and decided to take a detour to see us on the way back. It was so nice of them and so good for my heart! Maddie was one of the first people to get my number and invite me to do stuff when we lived in San Antonio. She is blunt and funny. She is always serving others, and has seen me at some silly and sad moments. Chloe was just a baby and then was in my first tot school class. They are living in Northern Cali now so I don't know when we'll see them again. It was fun to have an afternoon to catch up.
The Cooks came to Utah for a family reunion in Bear Lake. On the way up they stopped by for a few hours to see our house and hang out. Then we went up and visited them for a day the next week in Bear Lake. Craig's family was awesome for letting us crash the reunion and it was such a beautiful little cabin on the lake. We loved it, but most of all we just loved being with our old friends that are the best! It is rare that Brad likes other guys or makes friends, but we both evenly love the Craig and Kelsey and love being with them. Looking forward to the next time we get to see them!

 Been getting hired more and more to make cakes, which is fun for me. Megan came up one Sunday afternoon for dinner and I made cakes for friends to come and share that night. Also, some recent house projects this month..painting the farm door navy and sanding down Lisa's old windows from her house to hang behind the table. The windows took so so soooo long! The widows are old and so was the paint, it was a labor of love, but I love how they turned out and I love that we have a piece of Seguin, TX in our home.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Michelle's Wedding!

Michelle has been that fun, cool aunt my whole life that everyone loves. I visited her multiple times in high school and college when she lived in DC and it was always so much fun! She came down to see us in TX a few times and it always meant so much. I always told her the best advice she ever gave me was when I was leaving for college she said : "It's ok to have pizza at midnight, just don't do it every night." lol Because you know what, its important to live in the moment and have fun every once in a while, but its also important to focus on real life and realize you have to miss out sometimes.

We decided to fly to LA so Brad could work a full week. It was a quick, but super fun weekend! I love California, the beach, and family and to have it all jam packed into one crazy weekend was just perfect! Friday we landed early got our rental car and drove directly to In-N-Out. We changed at the hotel and went to the beach to meet everyone. I got to finally meet her fiance, Craig, and some of his family. As well as see uncles, aunts, and cousins I haven't seen in a long time. Not to mention my entire family was there and it's been over a year since we were all together. We thought we might have to leave part way through the day for the kids naps but they were having so much fun that they just played the entire day until s'mores at sunset. It was such a fun day and night at the beach. Brad is still not a huge fan of the sand lol but he loved seeing his kids and wife happy ;)

Saturday, Michelle and Craig were married in the Newport Temple. It was a special sealing and I'm so happy we could be there. The spirit was strong and I felt my grandpa so close as we all watched. The sealer told them to look at each other and take a mental picture of what they looked like right in that moment. Brad leaned over and whispered to me that he still remembered what I looked like and how happy he was. I love the feeling in the temple and I love remembering the covenants and promises we made that help our marriage grow each day. Another favorite memory from the temple was watching Craig's kids all surround them in a group hug when they came out of the temple. It made me so happy to see how loved Michelle is, not only by Craig, but by his whole family.

Rachael and I met with Michelle the night before and got all the stuff to set up for the luncheon so we took off right after the sealing to get everything ready! It was the most beautiful place right on Laguna beach. I loved listening to the speeches given, not to mention the food was awesome ;)
That night we took it easy, played games, ordered pizza, and had ice cream by the pool. I love my family and even though it was a quick weekend it was a perfect summer trip for our little family with some awesome memories we wouldn't have wanted to miss.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Utah Life

Well, we are officially Utah people. I'm finally getting over that feeling that we'll be heading back to Texas soon. I've only ever lived here as a student right by campus so its different to be out of town a little ways in Smithfield. It's also really nice to have some space and feel like were starting over somewhere new. Our house is awesome! It's the first time we've lived somewhere without sharing walls and it feels so nice to be in something new. There is a lot of little projects to do, and after buying a couch, washer and dryer, fridge, range, and blinds for the whole house there isn't a lot of money left for anything else right now. I was sort of complaining one night about dumb stuff that I wanted (but we can't afford quite yet) and Brad just looked at me and was like " Nicole ...look around, we're living a good life." agh lol this is my attempt at remembering the real. I stopped and realized I was being dumb. We are living a great life! A life we've waited and worked for, and we have two happy healthy kids running around. We have so much to be grateful for and even though sometimes his honesty drives me insane, I'm grateful for it because it keeps me in check and reminds me of what is most important.

Our street has a few kids around Jaxon and Sara's age. It is fun to walk outside and almost always have someone to talk to and kids for Jax and Sara to play and ride bikes with. There's a little neighborhood park around the corner and we have been loving being able to go play anytime and especially nightly walks when it cools down in the evening. Summer nights in Utah are awesome! Joss and Shay are around so its fun to meet up with them and their babies once a week at a park. We switch off who picks the park and gets the drinks and its fun to be around friends that know me so well. We've also made a lot of new friends and I'm grateful for girls who have invited the kids and I to do stuff.

Brad and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by giving talks in our new ward. I introduced our family and told the brief but funny story about how we met and it always makes people laugh. It was a fun way celebrate the day together and it was nice to get it over with. We spoke about the simple truths we learn from the first vision. I always love hearing Brad speak. He has a strong testimony of the gospel and is an example to me of continual growth and learning. Some of my favorite things about our relationship is how we we work together. We are open with one another. I think we do a good job of really making decisions together and talking things out. More than ever before I am grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood and I know loves me and "keeps me happy" ;) ( his joke because I said: "you make me happy" and he said "ah you're already a happy person I just try to keep you that way")
Trejo's drove up from Salt Lake to visit us for the day. So good to see their familiar faces.

 Vigil was in town so we had to go say hi and it was so fun to catch up with him! I love that Megan is at Weber and only 45 min away! She came up to visit us for the day and I love having my sister around.

Brad carrying out 4 cases of Gossners milk lol

love that white summer bum lol 

Jaxon took a gymnastics camp at the Smithfield Rec center and loved it. He's hit a good age and just really enjoys learning and being part of organized activities. A few weeks later he did swimming lessons for two weeks at sports Academy and really enjoyed it as well. He was already a pretty good swimmer from living in TX, but it was good for him to learn more in official lessons. On Father's Day he got up to sing with the primary and I cried looking at the whole stand filled with probably 70 primary kids! I am so happy that he gets to be in such a big primary now.
Went for a walk around campus and Brad found his old Eagle
Scout project. A garden box he made for the Edith Bowen Elementary.
Brad is happy to be working as Dr. Theurer at Logan Smiles. It took a while to get his license and DEA number so he could see patients and write prescriptions, but now he is finally doing work. He is still working on getting accepted by different insurances and so he is limited to open policies and cash patients. Another curve ball is that he is left handed and does dentistry from the opposite side. The assistants have had to adjust to that and they changed the operatories for rear delivery so they could be used for both Brad and his Dad. Right now he's working Monday-Thursday from about 8-5. He's hoping to get busier in the next few months and maybe keep the office open Fridays.

I've been training for the Top of Utah Marathon. I've always wanted to run one and I figured this summer was as good a time as ever. Running in Utah is actually the best! It's so pretty and cool in the mornings and I've looked forward to it a few times a week. some girls in my ward invited me to go trail running with them in the middle of the week and I realized the next day when I could hardly get out of bed that 6.5 miles in the mountain is way harder than on the road lol. But it was actually really fun and I want to do it more with them once I finish up this marathon. I also just got a calling to teach in Relief Society. Ive been in Primary or Young Womens since we've been married so I'm excited for this new change and to only have to do something every 5 weeks.

Sara is at such a busy and kind of hard age. She yells so much lol. I know she is just trying to communicate but its frustrating. She loves to just go go go. She tries to keep up with her brother and still thinks she's 4. We've given up going to the last two meetings of church and Brad or I end up just roaming the hallways. She gets new scrapes every week, but we laugh at her personality daily and love to see her little mind working. Every once in a while I get a glimpse of my baby and get a little sad she is growing up so fast. I haven't had as many quiet moments one on one with her like I did with Jaxon and I guess thats just life, but I am starting to miss my snuggly baby.

Part of me feels like we are taking a step back in life because we are back living in CV. I know though that this is a step forward for us and I need to start thinking that way. It's strange to see people we knew when we were students or Brad knew from growing up, but at the same time its kind of fun. Lots of people default to hanging out with their families (and we're the same now) so it seems harder to make friends or to really need good friends the same way we did in Texas or when I was growing up in Vegas. There are so many things to love about living here and I think anytime you move somewhere new it takes a transition period before it feels like home. Brad is really happy. I can tell he is so happy to be back in his home. He is in his element living in Cache Valley and it  makes me happy to see him so happy, now I just kind of have to find my groove as a mom here.