Monday, March 5, 2018

Sara turns 1!

Our sweet Sara Lorraine is a year old! I have babied her and been in denial about her growing up, way more than I was with Jax. By the time Jaxon was this age I was already pregnant again and ready and excited to hopefully have another baby (which ended unexpectedly). It's a weird thought because I can't even imagine that right now. We celebrated her birthday with Reese and Megan when they were here the weekend before. On her actual birthday Scott and Teresa were in town and spoiled her and Jaxon all day. We got donuts, went shopping, got some presents, and had pizza for an early dinner. That night we had friends from school and our ward over and had a big party for the birthday girl. I had made a cake the day before and she dug in quick! It's been a big month for this girl! Here are the updates:

- Sara is 32 in. long (90%) and 22 lbs. (90%). I forgot what her head circumference was but it was 60%. It's actually the biggest she has measured since birth so she has grown a lot over the last 3 months.

- She can walk. She was taking steps all month and then the day before her birthday just kind of figured it out and prefers walking all over the place now.

- She is sleeping through the night. It took me 11 months to muster up the courage to let her cry a little, but I finally did it and 2 nights later she was sleeping through the night and has ever since. It's actually been pretty life changing for me to have my sleep back again.

- No more breastmilk! Breastfeeding has been such a blessing and a struggle for me. The real and only reason it has been a struggle is because I don't really lose the baby weight until I'm done breastfeeding. So many woman attribute breastfeeding to being their skinniest self, and I am so envious because for me it is the opposite. Same thing happened with Jaxon, as soon as I'm done breastfeeding the last 10 lbs falls off. I kept wanting to be done sooner just to lose the weight, but I'm glad I didn't let my vanity get in the way and stuck it out for a year. Other than that, I do really love breastfeeding and cuddling my sweet babies. It's been so convenient and nice and Sara especially loved it. It was hard to transition her but she seems to like her bottle and cow's milk now.

- She's not so into bath time anymore and would rather be out crawling around than stuck in the tub.

- She loves her brother Jaxon and wants to be wherever he is. Poor kid puts up with a lot, but is almost always a sweet and helpful brother. I'm really proud of Jaxon this last year. His life got turned a little upside down, but he loves his sister and is such a good brother.

-  She loves being outside. Whenever she gets fussy we take her out in the back or for a walk and she loves just being out.

- Sara has a serious love for animals. She giggles and laughs whenever she sees a dog and is just giddy around other animals at the zoo or Seaworld. Its really cute and makes us all laugh.

- She loves her stuffed animals and always squeezes them and gives them hugs and kisses. She also gives big wet kisses to her family that make us all laugh.

- She has 6 teeth and is constantly drooling. There is always a puddle on her shirt.

Sara is easy to smile and loves when there are people around. She has a sweet disposition and makes us so happy! Teresa has told me many times how Brad has a special place in her heart because she waited 7 years for him to come. We didn't have to wait nearly as long, but after 3 losses, this little baby will always hold a special place in my heart. Brad and I love to reminisce on their birthday and what we remember from the last year or their birth.  It was such a crazy time and one of the memories we have was Brad having to leave early the day after she was born to go work on patients at the clinic. It was sad for him to say goodbye to me and his baby so soon, and I had to eat the special couples meal all by, but thats dental school life and when we look back at school and Texas we'll know we got to leave with the best little gift.

Vegas Gneitings in TX!

Reese and Megan took Jane on her first flight and came on a family trip to visit us. We really appreciate when family takes the time to come see us. We know its out of the way and not easy, but it means so much to show them our life and home from the last 4 years, and we loved getting to play with the only Gneiting cousin for a weekend!

 We hit up the riverwalk, Seaworld, BBQ, Tacos, and the Children's Museum. They stayed with us the first night and then at a resort 15 min from our house. We had fun letting the kids swim and walking around the grounds. Sunday we had pizza night and a pre-birthday party for Sara. They all played so well, and Jaxon was so sad when he realized they were leaving. We're definitely excited to live closer in a few months.

Jan/Feb updates

Just cute pictures of Sara lol and a photo to remind me of the sad goodbye to my long hair.
Lisa invited me to see Cinderella at the Majestic Theatre with her and the girls. It was such a fun night out! I forgot how much I like musicals and going to the Majestic was on our bucket list (prob more me than Brad ;) so it worked out and was a fun girls night out.

We ditched our old stroller that was falling apart and I got a used Bob off facebook. It seriously has hardly been used and still had the treads on it and I got it for less than half the original price. It has been a game changer for running and walking and I love it!

Ok, and I chopped 6 inches off! What?! I don't really know why, I just kind of did it. I kind of liked it that day and then the next morning I woke up and hated it and told Brad to never let me do something like that again. lol.  It's not even like its that short, but I just miss my long hair. It is what it is..It's just hair, and hopefully when we move out of the humidity it will cooperate more...ok moving on
I got to go in for some quick xrays one morning at the school. Brad was hoping I could be his patient for WREB (dental board exams) but turns out my cavities are a little too small so he needs to find someone this month. I've see the clinic at night but never when it's full of patients, and it was fun to see him in his element. 

Joy school at our house..They always love doing puzzles after snack. Jaxon loves playing with friends and doesn't have many this year so we always look forward to joy school. Another mom told me he hasn't been a good listener for her all year. It caught me off guard because he always loves school at our house and no one has really ever told me that about him, but I guess that's life and I don't need to get so worked up about it. He's always been active and wild and maybe I'm just more used to his personality and how to deal with it.
 Love these cute babies of mine. I already signed up Jax for preschool at Sports Academy next year in Logan, and I know he will love it. Some days are crazy long, but part of me is holding on to my last year having my kids at home with me all day. Jaxon randomly will tell me that he loves me and it just melts my heart. Sara is so sweet and smiley, and even though I was so worried about their age difference, they actually really do find a way to play and be friends and it makes me so happy.

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

We knew we had to hit up the SA Stock Show and Rodeo one night during our last year in TX. It's always held in February for two weeks at the AT&T Center. There are huge fairgrounds with animals, food, shops and rides. Every night they have a rodeo with some of the biggest names in the country and a concert afterwards. When we looked up the performers this year Rascal Flatts is the one Brad and I both agreed on. Lisa and Al got tickets with us and with all the cousins around it was easy to bring Sara and Jaxon along. It was a fun Valentines Day, none of us will forget. The kids didn't know many of the songs, but when "Life is a Highway" came up they were loving it and singing out. Rascal Flatts was amazing live! I want to go see their real show when they go on tour! Brad has come a long way in our marriage from turning off the radio when he heard country to taking me to a few concerts while we've lived here. He even knew a few of the songs, and dare I say, enjoyed it ;) 

Jaxon, Sara, and I went on a field trip with his Joy School class to a free day at the grounds and had so much fun! Some of the pictures are from when we went that day.