Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sara 7 months

- At the beginning of the month Sara started sitting on her own and then just last week she started to officially scoot and move around on the floor. I don't know if I would call it crawling yet, but she is definitely pulling herself around. 

- She is eating solids regularly with us at every meal. She likes her baby purees ok, but really prefers to eat bits of our food. She really loves holding on to something and eating it herself (gerber crackers, french fries, crust.)

- She's still fighting the whole sleep through the night thing. I wake up with her at least 2 times a night, but Im still not quite ready to do the whole cry thing, so is what it is.

- She ditched her baby bath and sits up with Jaxon in the tub with a few inches of water. She loves splashing around and laughs really hard at Jaxon when he plays with her in there. 

- She took a bottle successfully last week, and I think she may be coming around (fingers crossed)

- She is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers

- She cut her first tooth on bottom last week! Jaxon didn't get teeth until almost 11 months and so I was really surprised when I felt her bite me and realized there was a little tooth there.

- She loves to be carried around or pushed around in her stroller. If she could be in the baby bjorn all day, I'm pretty sure she would love it, but my back cant handle that.

- She has started noticing her bows, ripping them off, and chewing them ( aghhh) 

She is a funny and content little girl. Every month I think "wow she has really grown up this month", but especially this month, because she hit so many milestones.

How can i even be mad abuot waking up early when she looks at me like that?

Monday, October 2, 2017


Jaxon started Joy School this month. I found a few moms with boys in a different ward who were doing one once a week for 2 hours. I am excited to still get to teach him once a month, and for him to have a start learning from other people. Anyway, he was so excited on his first day, but on the way there we got in a car accident and our car was eventually deemed a total loss! ahhhh The airbag went off and our bumper is a little messed up, but it's not as bad as you would think of totaled car. Anyway it turned into a really long week. It's been nice that we've been able to save money and make life work with one car for all these years, but when its gone its not exactly like we can all jump on the back of Brad's motorcycle to get where we need to go. Thank goodness for nice friends that helped us out. 
Well, long story short we got a minivan! Yes, I should probably be more excited that we spent all this money on a new (used 2011 Honda Odyssey) vehicle, but I felt like a little piece of me was sad to be moving another phase into full on mid life motherhood. That being said, it is really nice to have a bigger vehicle with two kids and it's actually a nice van.
The weather has been starting to feel like normal summer weather. Fall in Texas is a little depressing but if you look at the bright side we've enjoyed a few more swim days, popsicles, and not dyeing of sweat when we work outside or go for walks :) Jaxon has been asking to take pictures with my phone lately and it's funny to see him line up his toys or animals and start snapping. The picture of me and Sara in the living room was his picture skills and it makes me smile and laugh when I look at it.

 I've been working on my cake game and started a little instagram account for friends and family to see. We celebrated Brad's Birthday and his only request was that I make 2 cakes... one to share with other people and one just for him to eat over a few days lol. His parents were in town for Miley's baptism and so we got to celebrate with them on Friday. On Brad's actual birthday we went to Seguin for Miley's baptism. On the drive to Seguin I got choked up telling Brad how much I love him. He's a confident introvert, a family man, a perfectionist, and a great problem solver. He doesn't let lots of people in, to know how awesome he really is, and i'm just grateful to be the person he chose to be his person and best friend. Jaxon especially loved celebrating the birthday and is getting excited for his turn.

 This month we also got DoSeum (a children's museum here) passes and Jaxon is pretty excited about it. We've already gone 4 times and plan to go a lot more. I don't know about other mom's, but I feel like I am a lot happier and so are my kids when we get out of the house each day. Even if it is just a small trip to the park, it makes the day so much better. There are days I have to stay home and get things done and they aren't always that bad, but they seem to go by so slowly and Jaxon will be bouncing off the walls.

Hedin Wedding

Living far away, there are few people we would travel to a wedding for, but Matt was definitely on that list. Brad says his earliest memories with Matt are when they were around 8 or 9. They played sports, had sleepovers, went to dances, and wrote each other on their missions. I met him the second time I ever hung out with Brad and he was the one who picked up our ring and brought it to Vegas for Brad to propose. He was there to see Jaxon in the hospital before either of our parents, and has always been someone we love and appreciate. There's just no one like him, and yet everyone deserves to have a Matt in their life. The wedding day was so sweet and we had a blast celebrating the happy couple. They make a great team, and you could feel and see the love they have for one another.

checking game scores before reception ;)

 While we were there we fit in a Utah State Football Game, seeing friends, and watching my sister play Volleyball. It was a little bittersweet because we don't have plans to be back in Utah until we move in May, but we enjoyed it while we could.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sara 6 Months

And just like that she is half a year old! I have been thinking a lot this last week about how Jaxon was just barely 6 months old when we moved to Texas! It's crazy to think how much he has grown and changed since that time. Another funny thing is that at the time I felt like my baby boy was old and growing up and I feel like at the same age I still feel like Sara is my tiny baby who was just barely born. lol I was excited for Jaxon to grow up. With Sara, I just want her to stay small and be rocked and snuggled forever. 

 - At 6 months Sara is still our happy and sweet baby.
- She tried puffs for the first time and loves having tastes of our smoothie in the morning. We've let her try ice cream and popsicles and she goes crazy because she loves them so much! 
- She rolls over both ways pretty easily and is almost sitting up consistently on her own. 
- She gets up on all fours and is so close to crawling. She'll push herself backwards into a wall and I feel like any day now she is going to figure it out and start moving.
- Sara has taken on a serious preference to her Momma. I'm not going to lie, a part of me seriously loves that she loves me so much, but the other part is a little sad she won't go to her dad as easily as Jaxon did. At night if I go in and pat her back she will go right back to sleep, but if Brad does it, she knows and freaks out! It's kind of funny, like how does she know the difference? For now though, I honestly don't mind that much.
- She likes her bouncer a lot more and loves sitting up in her Bumbo at the table for dinner with us.
- When she gets really excited or happy she will scrunch up her nose and breathing out of it. It's pretty funny/cute and she has started to do it more and more.
- I rock her to sleep for naps and nighttime and she nurses about once a night.
- She has started to really like reading books with Jaxon and I and gets excited and smacks the pages and making noises as we read. It always makes Jaxon and I laugh pretty hard.
- She LOVES her brother and watching him play around her. If I set her on the ground or lay her on the couch by him she is content and happy. He gets her to laugh more than anyone and loves to help Mom however he can.

 What is it about a sleeping baby/toddler that is so magical and sweet! It just melts my heart.

Sadly I wouldn't let her eat the whole popsicle and she was very upset.
Her sweet hand and his arm around her.. love these cuties