Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sara turns 2

Our Sweet Sara girl is 2!! Birthdays are always a special time as a parent. Its fun to think back to the other birthdays and the day she was born. We always love to reminisce about funny things they have done this year and our favorite things about them right now. Looking at that bright happy face just lights me up. That sweet little brown haired girl has been the perfect addition to our family. She melts the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with. I know lots of parents say that but with Sara I swear its true. She smiles and sings and just makes everyone else feel Joy. People ALWAYS comment on how happy a little girl she is and its just so true. 
Sara loves to be part of whatever is going on. If Im reading a book to Jaxon she makes sure to climb inbetween us and pay attention. If the big kids are jumping on the tramp she has no fear and joins them. If we all laugh at a joke she no way understands she laughs along with us. One of our favorites is anytime Jaxon shows us a gymnastics or dance move and we cheer she goes and does some sort of rendition of it and looks for our applause too haha. She definitely has FOMO and wants to be noticed. She gets sad whenever Jaxon goes to school or is in the bath without her. She is 2 going on 5 and we love her big girl funny personality.

Sara loves to laugh. She giggles about everything. She'll babble loudly at the table and just start to laugh and her laugh is so contagious.

Sara also loves to sing. She can hold a tune pretty well and impresses all of us. She can even sing I am a Child of God almost all by herself. Her dance moves however could use some work ;)
Sara has started to love food! Not like her brother but more and more she cares about treats and snacks.
She still loves her binky and blanket and must have them both for nap...We got rid of the binky later this month and it was rough.

Sara goes to almost anyone. Not a lot of stranger danger with this girl. She thinks the world adores her and just smiles and hugs whoever will have her. Its why so many love her. Her nursery leaders have seperately told me how much they adore her and it warms my heart (sorry jaxon you were the feared child in nursery and it was hard haha) She's always been our easy going loving girl and I love seeing her shine with that special gift as she grows.

On Sara's birthday she woke up to presents and breakfast downstairs. We got her a balance bike and helmet to get going on for the summer. She also got some new clothes, shoes, bathing suit, and puzzle. She drank 3 cups of hot "coco" for breakfast haha her favorite. After we had family haircuts at Suzettes house. Everyone but me. Sara sat there so good and looked so sweet with her new trimmed do.

We went and helped dad at the office for a bit after dropping off Jaxon and then picked him up to head out to Ogden for the afternoon. These pictures are of Sara the Sunday before her birthday. She is wearing a dress Brad brought home for his niece from his mission. kind of fun that his daughter gets to wear it now.

FUnky and fun cake for the birthday girl...she was disappointed she couldn't break right into it.
In ogden we went to the Treehouse children's museum and both of the kids loved it! they played non stop for almost 4 hours! We will definitely be going back. After that we caught a spring scrimmage for Megan at Weber and ended at Cafe Rio with my family. It was such a fun day playing and celebrating our cute two year old! We love you Sara!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Volleyball in St. George

I got asked to play in an adult volleyball tournament in St. George over presidents day weekend and originally was going to say no. I did't know anyone on the team that well. They are all sisters and Brad's families friends. Anyway, then I got thinking, why the heck not? I mean, I had been feeling cooped up in the valley and getting out to a little warmer weather and a weekend away with our family was just what we needed. Plus..I love volleyball and I'm pretty good at it ;) haha. 
Our team did pretty well and the Heers sisters are the nicest! It was so much fun and I'm really glad I got to play. Brad is a trooper for sitting in a gym with two kids, but they found friends and had fun running around. 
After the games ended on Saturday we did a little hike with the kids and spent the afternoon just relaxing and checking out a few places in Saint George.

 In-n-out, sunshine, volleyball, and alone time with my 3 favorite people. We didn't do anything amazing or extra special but it was so fun to get away! 
 Brad had to work on Monday so we drove back Sunday and stopped at my Grandmas and hung out with my Dad and sisters for a few hours. We brought a cake with us for his birthday the next day and had fun celebrating. The kids always love spending time with their aunts. They are pretty spoiled with love from a lot of people.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of my favorites. Loving others makes everyone happy! It helps me to remember what and who are important in my life. The greatest love I have felt is being a mother and wife. looking at those little faces makes me so incredibly happy and proud. Love is a great thing to celebrate!
Started out the morning with some treats and surprises (from the dollar tree, haha our favorite)
Grandma Teresa has mailed out these soda bottles every February for the last few years and Jaxon always loves them! This year they ding dong ditched and left them and both kids were so excited for their surprises!
I did a bulk order of Valentine's day cakes. My goal was 10 but I got 15 orders so I was really happy! It was a lot of work, but definitely a lot of fun! I've gotten more orders since then and it was a good way to get my name out there and have different people try my cakes.
It was a nice day (for February in Utah) so we played outside and were surprised by a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Theurer. They are always so thoughtful and brought by some treats and new books for Jax and Sara.
One of the surprises from me was the paint set with the mini canvas from the dollar tree. Jaxon loves little art projects like this and it was fun to see them both get into it. We've been doing a lot more of this lately and I'm glad Sara's attention span is growing to enjoy these activities for longer.
Last but not least my favorite tradition on Valentines day: Our picnic dinner in the living room. It started when Jaxon was a baby because we didn't want to go out and we wanted to watch the Olympics and eat dinner in front of the TV. Brad got a deal on the surf and turf at the grocery store and the rest is history. Now we put the kids down and do it when they are asleep, but its fun to have our little tradition to look forward to. Brad is a really good cook and I love when he cooks for me, but I also told him I like this tradition because its ours that we started..a lot of traditions we get from other people or our own families, but this one is ours and its kind of fun that way.


 February was better than January. We planned a few fun things to look forward to and just had fun as a family working on projects, going to Aggie games, and lots of baking ;)

 I made reversible aprons for Jaxon and Sara as a Christmas gift and they have loved them. Makes me happy they are getting used. When they see me start to cook or put on an apron they run and get theirs off the hook. Sara repeats "helping mama, helping mama" over and over and it cracks us up because she's really just saying ..can I have a taste of whatever you are making?

 Jaxon finished up his first season of basketball..The picture cracks me up because he is a head above everyone, but his heart is still a little 5 year old. He had a lot of fun and was really good, just needs to work on dribbling. His favorite part is still the treat at the end, but he looks forward to all his activities and works hard while he's there. We already can see we're going to have an athletic tall boy and its exciting to see him get better and have that competitiveness grow!

 Jax got to go on a special date with mom and dad and Grandma and Grandpa to see Joseph. We all loved it. They had a little bit of a modern take on it and it made us laugh pretty hard. Jaxon leaned over to Teresa about 20 min in and said "when are they going to stop singing and talk?" haha He did really like it though and felt special being a big kid with us.

- Maverick stops are a new thing and I am scarily turning into one of those classic Mormon moms, but for now I don't even care...makes me happy, tastes good..and Brad gets these awesome selfies of me during Sara's nap time ;). 
- Lunch with my Shay and Joss..It's a weekly thing that is good for all of us. Grateful I have them and their cute girls to hang out with.
Hot chocolate after shoveling in the morning.

 Sara has been snuggling more lately (very out of character for her), but I'm not complaining. She's also been into dress ups lately and it is so fun. Brad held her and I painted her nails for the first time. She chose blue and was running around with her hands in the air for 30 min saying "blue pretty, nails pretty blue." Still not sure where this girly girl came from, but we love having her around.

 We celebrated Teresa's birthday at our house with dinner and cake. Jaxon blew out her candles without asking so we re- lit them and sang again so they could do it 

Brad built laundry storage to go under our machines. It's extra tall and I love it! game changer #nomorebendingover #laundrybendingsucks ;) (Brad said he would paint and finish it when its warm outside again) Also got my hair did and sent Brad a selfie had been a while and I was very happy to be all blonde again.

 We tried out Sara's first little bun and I was dying from the cuteness...two hours later though it looked like a rats nest haha. Guess we need to let those natural curls fly and maybe try again when it grows longer.

 More Aggie Gymnastics! We usually go out to eat first and then head to the meet. Always a fun night out.

 - We almost always go to Library time on Tuesday  in North Logan and then stop at Grandmas after. They always love Grandmas house and pick out at least one book for her to read that they got that day.
- Walking to our car after the Aggie Basketball game against San Diego State. It's not always easy with kids, but they really do love it and are usually really good and into it. 
 You know those goofy afternoons when your kids are giggling and crawling all over you and you just don't know what to think of them..yes it was one of those days. Waiting for Brad at the end of the day can be the longest hour, but sometimes it is when we think of the best activities together..Love these crazies..also Sara's double chin smile is just too much haha ;).

 Drove to Ogden on Megan's birthday to have lunch. Only and hour away, but still wish we could see each other more. She's working hard and growing up. Always love spending time together.
 Last but not least the sunsets have been killer lately. I used to kind of roll my eyes at Brad (the ultimate lover of sunsets) But I love that he always appreciates the beauty right in front of us. The view from our kitchen/living room will never get old!