Tuesday, December 5, 2017

27 years old

When we moved to Texas I was 23 with a 5 month old baby. I can remember thinking that by the time we graduate I will be 27 and have a 4 year old..and that is old! lol well, here I am, all grown up, and I don't feel that different. At the same time I have grown up a lot and changed as a wife, individual, and mother over these years.
tried to take a picture of us baking lol
On my birthday I went for a run in the morning while Brad made breakfast with the kids. We went grocery shopping that morning and Jaxon and Sara "helped" me bake my birthday cake. lol Brad came home at lunch time to a big mess in the kitchen, and sent me out shopping by myself for the afternoon. I was so excited to go out by myself and run errands, but missed my family after like an hour and was bored by myself lol. I got a few new things, and finished up my errands and picked up some Sam's Club pizza (It's my favorite lol) and sushi on the way home. Brad had cleaned up the whole house and made cards with Jaxon. We ate and had fun opening gifts. It was a simple birthday, but hearing from friends and family made it feel special.
On Saturday the 18th I ran in my 3rd ever half marathon. I signed up for the race in August thinking it would be a good time for me to exercise in the Fall and hopefully lose that last 10lbs of baby weight, but after I signed up our life just got kind of crazy. I never found anyone to run it with me so I was training alone, and we didn't know at the time we would be moving to Seguin for 3 weeks. While we were in Seguin I complained to Brad that I wasn't going to be even close to ready and he just told me to "quit then" and we'd lose the money. It kind of annoyed me that he said that and so I just decided to try my best to get in whatever training I could and I would finish the dang race even if it took me 3 hours lol.

I seriously only lost 2 lbs, before race day and was feeling discouraged. When I started the race though I felt a surge of love for my body like I do every time I run. I love pushing myself and having my mind to myself for a while. It was a long and hilly 13.1, but it was also the most beautiful race! I was doing really well until mile 10 and I had to start slowing down to almost 12 min miles. I only ran up to 8 miles a few months before the race so my goal was to finish under 2:30. I ended up finishing in 2:26:30. 26 minutes slower than my other two halves, but I was happy to finish and to see my crew cheering me on at the end. I really do love running and competing and I miss having that as a part of my life, but at the same time I need to try and remember to take it easy for a year after having a baby.

Texas A&M

For Brad's birthday I surprised him with tickets to the A&M v. Auburn Football game in College Station. We always talked about how it would be cool to go to a game there, so when I mentioned it to Teresa that I was thinking about doing that for his birthday, she said her and Scott were thinking about coming to Texas that weekend anyway and could watch the kids.
Brad talked to Craig, who went last year, and he told us if we are road tripping that way that we needed to stop at Snow's BBQ. It's in a small town in the middle of nowhere and is only open on Saturdays. It's been rated #1 BBQ in TX a few times in the last 10 years, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. We left Seguin at 5:30am and got to Snow's around 7:10 and there were already 25-30 people in line. By the time it opened at 8:00am there were close to 150 people waiting to get their breakfast BBQ on. We ordered up and seriously, the BEST BBQ EVER! It was dare I say..life changing. Definitely a once in a lifetime thing, that we both enjoyed.
I know we've lived in TX for 4 years, but it still surprises me when I am sweating my guts out at a football game in November. It was hot and we both got a little sunburnt, but other that that we really enjoyed the game. It was a cool experience being in College Station at Kyle Field. I've never been to a stadium that big and it was crazy to see 102,000 fans cheering on the Aggies. One of our favorite parts was watching the amazing marching band at halftime.
We couldn't really eat the rest of the day after the BBQ but stopped at Sonic and Buccees for treats. We realized when we were almost back that we hadn't turned on the radio for the whole 6 hours and had just spent the time catching up with each other. It had been a long 3 weeks without being able to get our usual time together and it was nice to just be the two of us for a day.

 Later that night we had a watch party with the Burns for Heather's State Championship Match that was being streamed from UT. It broke my heart to watch her team lose for the second year in a row in 5 sets. She is on to great things though, and we can't wait to see her play in Kansas city in December.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sara 8 months

HOW is she 8 MONTHS OLD?! Agh, I'm just that stereotypical mom who says babies grow up too fast, but it's true!

- Sara is waking up 1-3 times a night. She'll randomly sleep through the night every other week, but usually I am up feeding her at least once a night.
- She has two teeth. Teething never really affected Jaxon so it's been a new roller coaster to understand how teething can take over our lives (day and night) for a few days.
- She constantly has a puddle of slobber on her shirt (teething)
- Still loves to be swaddled for sleeping.
- Has started to go to her dad more easily ;) She's always really liked Brad, but she would protest if he took her to sleep or if I would leave the room and now she doesn't as much.
- Has started to chew up her bows/ pull them off her head.
- poops so much! lol ok but seriously she pooped like barely once a week while I was exclusively breastfeeding and now that she is on solids it's like twice a day!
- Loves to eat, but is more into the activity of eating and discovering foods than the actual eating if that makes sense. Favorite foods are avocado, black beans, crackers, bread, anything mom and dad are eating ;)
- She is a crawling machine..gets anywhere and just this week, started pulling herself up to standing on furniture including in the bath and in her crib.
- She is now in the full on "pull everything off the shelf phase" and loves to get all the books off the shelf, or empty out any sort of container.
- She is such a smiley girl! When people see her out in public they always die when she gives them that big toothy grin.. it is so cute, but she loves the attention!
- Still loves to be held or wants you to sit and play next to her if you're not holding her...she does not like to be left alone
- LOVES the bath and loves being outside. the mosquitos in TX are crazy though so I always feel bad if we're outside too long and she has bites all over her head and face.
- She says "NANANA" al the time and I'm pretty sure it means "mama" and she is talking to me lol. It is pretty cute because when we start to say "mama" or "dada" to her she almost always replies with "nananana"
- loves facetime and likes to see her grandparents and herself on the camera.

Primary Program

Our ward has really dwindled down this year and there are no other medical/dental school families left. Our primary had 12-15 kids that were there the day of the program and Jaxon was one of three sunbeams. He was the only kid in the whole program that had memorized his part and got up and yelled proclaimed his part into the microphone. He's been going around the house saying his part for a month and I was so proud of him for being brave and saying what he had worked on. Lots of people from the congregation came up to us or Jaxon after to tell him how much they loved watching him and what a good job he did singing and saying his part.

Since we've been married I have been in a calling in primary other than the one year I was in YW. So this was my 6th program and my 4th in Texas, but it was my 1st time being the chorister. It was a little more stressful this time around and our numbers are small so I just wanted everyone to hear the kids and feel the special spirit they bring. It was a great program and the kids sang their hearts out. There were some mistakes, but it wouldn't be a cute primary program without them. I think this has been my favorite calling I've had. It's a lot of work, but so so much fun! Most of all I have loved singing the songs with Jaxon and being in primary with him.

October at the Burns

Lisa called up Brad on the 14th of October and said they had a proposal for us. They had some crazy stuff come up with their businesses and trying to balance 7 kids and deal with everything they needed to, just wasn't working and they needed some help. She said "I need someone to help with my kids for a few weeks and I would rather pay you than anyone else." We had a few things we had to move around, but in the end we knew we wanted to help family, and that Jaxon would have the time of his life because he loves his cousins house!

So we packed up and moved into the pool house for 3 weeks! Brad commuted an hour each way everyday, and I made sure 7 kids got to and from school, made meals, and coordinated after school activities. I drove back while they were at school twice to take Jaxon to Joy school and to teach joy school one day. We also went back to San Antonio on Sundays because I had to lead the music and we had the primary program. It was craziness, but it wasn't as bad as some might think. My whole goal was to make it a 3 weeks full of memories for everyone and especially Jaxon, because he'll never get to have this time with his cousins again, when we move to Utah. We made pizza's, cookies, and halloween costumes. We watched soccer games, choir practices, gymnastics, and had dance parties. It was a lot to handle and so much fun at the same time. They are all pretty self sufficient and they were so helpful with Jaxon and Sara. Brad and I definitely aren't ready for 9 children lol, but we are living to say we survived it!